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“Patient No More” Project Director Interview

Patient No More is a multifaceted project that tells the story of a little-known chapter in California’s history: how a group of determined Bay Area activists took over and occupied a federal building in San Francisco for 26 days in 1977 to protest the lack of progress in securing civil rights …

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War Ink- Project Director Interview

    “…the humanities have a real role in terms of how we think about our   identity and our stories…” – Chris Brown “…we’re talking about real human being’s lives in a way that is incredibly relevant right now…something that is crucial to the national dialogue…” – Jason Deitch   War …

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Of the Sea

Struggling to revive a fading way of life, fishermen and entrepreneurs are creating new models for how to support sustainably produced seafood. Of the Sea, an upcoming film by Mischa Hedges, tells the story of California fishing communities and presents a compelling story of the future of sustainable seafood. What can …

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Rhythm of the Refugee Exhibit

Under the dictatorship of Pol Pot, an estimated 95% of Cambodia’s musicians and artists were executed in just four years. Several of the few who survived are preserving Cambodia’s traditional repertoires and teaching them to the next generation of Cambodian Americans in Oakland, many of whom are re-composing and creating …

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