The Worlds of Bernice Bing

At a time when "lesbian" was a bad word, racism was rampant, and women were expected to be housewives, Bernice Bing—abstract expressionist artist, Chinese American, lesbian, and activist—emerged at the forefront of San Francisco’s avant-garde and challenged the marginalized position to which women artists of color had been relegated by the arts establishment and the Beat movement.

The Worlds of Bernice Bing is a lush tribute to this little-known California master artist and activist, who helped reshape the San Francisco art world in the ’60s and ’70s, setting in motion changes on the national level that have resulted in greater inclusion and openness to diversity. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Madeleine Lim, The Worlds of Bernice Bing does justice to the legacy of this artist and advocate for social justice. The story of a powerful woman who used color, paintbrush, and canvas to speak from her heart, this film promises to energize and inspire viewers with the resilience of a unique American icon.

The Worlds of Bernice Bing, directed by Madeleine Lim, is a project of Jennifer Banta and the Asian American Women Artists Association, San Francisco, CA.

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