Wherever There’s a Fight Exhibition

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Learn about the stories of California's unsung civil rights heroes and heroines.

Exhibit Envoy

This program is presented in partnership with Exhibit Envoy.

Wherever There’s A Fight: A History of Civil Liberties in California tells the hidden stories of unsung heroes and heroines throughout California who stood up for their rights in the face of social hostility, physical violence, economic hardship, and political stonewalling. Based on the 2009 Heyday book by Elaine Elinson and Stan Yogi, the exhibition spans the period from the Gold Rush to the post-9/11 era, telling the stories of unsung heroes and heroines throughout California who stood up for their rights—and all of ours as well.

To make this important California history accessible to as many as possible, Cal Humanities has partnered with Exhibit Envoy to create an easy-to-install travelling banner exhibition (in English and Spanish) that is touring libraries, colleges, and museums across the state.


See the exhibit at a venue near you! Check the events calendar here on our website for upcoming exhibition dates and location information, or click here to find dates and locations as well as information about how to bring the exhibition to your town.


Interested in learning more about the heroes, heroines, events, eras, and civil liberties struggles covered in the Wherever There's a Fight exhibition? Check out this great resource guide from Exhibit Envoy, which lists a variety of supplementary materials including books, films, websites, curricula, and activities.

Resource Guide

Dig deeper and learn more at www.wherevertheresafight.com.

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