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FILM SHORTS: YOUTH VISIONS SHOWCASE at the 2017 San Diego Latino Film Festival

Media Arts Center San Diego presents its annual YOUTH VISIONS SHOWCASE, a collection of short films from young filmmakers. The filmmakers represent a growing population of young people who have found that their medium of expression lies in telling stories through visual media. This handpicked selection of shorts from around the country are a blend of narrative and documentary pieces, produced by filmmakers of varying experience levels and address topics that range from health, social media, gentrification, urban art, to education, prejudice, border issues and U.S.-Cuban releations.

All films are part of the 2017 San Diego Latino Film Festival and will be screened at AMC Fashion Valley 18 7037 Friars Rd, San Diego, CA 92108.

Behind the Wall (5 min)
By Kiara Ramirez
A short documentary on the lives of immigrant workers in Northern California vineyards.

Burouts (5 min)
In order to save their relationship, a puppet couple quits smoking, only to find out the withdrawal symptoms are stronger than they ever imagined.

Chicana Art Gallery (3 min)
by MACSD Teen Producers Project
An inspiring interview with artist and gallery owner, Cesar Castandea, found of Chicano Art Gallery in Barrio Logan, about the connection between community, art and culture.

CicloSDias (2 min)
by MACSD Teen Producers Project
Take a ride into the heart of City Heights with TPP as they document CicloSDias, an open-road initiative that allows members of the community to roam the streets freely, inspiring active transportation such as walking, jogging, biking and cycling. This film highlights the importance of access to active transportation and the role such access plays in healthier living for all citizens.

Dear America (5 min)
By Harvard-Westlake School
A dialogue has been opened between the U.S. and Cuba. Two U.S. teen journalists travel to Cuba and ask local Cubans, "What would you like Americans to know about you?"

Enrique Morones and Border Angels (4 min)
by MACSD Teen Producers Project
Enrique Morones is a community activist saving the lives of immigrants who risk everything to cross the U.S.-Mexican border in search of better opportunities to support their families. Mornoes talks about his organization, Border Angels, and why he has an organization dedicated to advocating for and saving the lives of immigrants.

High Stakes (5 min)
by MACSD Teen Producers Project
This short documentary take a look at the statewide initiative Betting on Our Future (BOOF) and the students in the program who advocate for an increased awareness of problem gambling.

I Don't Want to Salsa with You (5 min)
by Maysles Documentary Center
A profile of Melissa Minchala, a Latina CEO of a tech company.

Into Sergio (3 min)
by Mt. Pleasant High School
Teen-aged Sergio Conriquez is trying to accomplish his dream of becoming a software engineer, knowing that Latinos represent less than 3% of employees in Silicon Valley's technology industry. Sergio speaks about his parents' struggles, the history of his hometown, and how these things have helped to share his life as a young Latino.

Kansas Street (2 min)
by MACSD & High Tech High Interns
Learn about Vision Zero's mission to reduce traffic fatalities by installing a crosswalk at a busy intersection along El Cajon Boulevard.

Locally Grown Health Benefits at Farmer's Market (2 min)
by MACSD Teen Producers Project
A truly community piece, this short documentary visits the City Heights Farmer's Market, chronicling the intent of the local farmers and vendors. It highlights the important of transcending socio-economic status to obtain access to healthy foods so that all people can maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Love and Music (5 min)
by Harvard-Westlake School
Cuba is known for its expressive music, but how did the revolution affect musicians' freedom of speech through their music? Three American teen musicians delve into the matter through interviews with scholars and contemporary Cuban musical artists.

Miracle Baby (5 min)
by Reel Voices
Sienna explores the love of family has for her, even though its' a family based on choice, not blood.

North Park Murals (4 min)
by MACSD & High Tech High Interns
This film highlights the positive impact of the colorful murals painted on the walls of businesses in North Park and their effect on the community.

On my Way for an Education (5 min)
by MAAC Community Charter School
Created by students in the ACLU San Diego Youth Activists for Change program at MAAC Community Charter School, with guidance from local film artist Reynaldo Escoto, this stop-motion film chronicles the story of two fictitious students as they confront the challenges of their daily commute to school, their binational experience, and their resistance to the racist, classist forces they face.

Robot Lives Matter (4 min)
by MACSD Teen Producers Project
A group of robots and a group of humans prepare to play a boardgame in a world where both groups look down upon each other.

Sin Madre (3 min)
By the Bay Area Video Coalition
A loving tribute to a working mother who struggles to work, support her family and be a mother.

Slide (5 min)
by Jayden Gillespie
A film about racial prejudice and how family dynamics have changed in modern society.

Stealing Home (4 min)
by Harvard-Westlake School
Baseball may be America’s favorite past time, but to Cubans, it means even more. Three teen sports enthusiasts travel to Cuba and speak to scholars and fans to learn more about the legacy of baseball in Cuba.

Trust (12 min)
by South Side FYI
A vulnerable teen is torn between trusting her best friend's advice or her boyfriend's desires. Despite Maria's doubts, she goes with her gut and does the unthinkable. Will risky choices lead to a devastating reality?

Undisputed (3 min)
by MACSD Teen Producers Project & AJA Academy
Undisputed is a gym in City Heights that teaches boxing to local youth who need to let off some steam. The program has been incredibly successful in what they say provides an opportunity for fitness and empowers the bully not to be a bully. “I used to do a lot of street fights, because of my anger, but coming here, working out, fighting with your friends, hugging out at the end of the fight, it keeps you out of trouble.”

Victor Ochoa: San Diego's Legendary Muralist (4 min)
by MACSD Teen Producers Project
A founding Chicano Park muralist who continues to advocate for immigrant rights and representation through his art, Victor Ochoa has overcome countless barriers but is now a U.S. citizen highly recognized for his contributions to San Diego’s art culture and as an arts educator working with youth in all corners of the city.

All We Can: Conchita's Story (6 min)
by Harvard-Westlake School
An an uplifting story about the hopes and dreams of a Mayan girl in Guatemala transforming her life through education.

Welcome to America (7 min)
by Maysles Documentary Center
A young immigrant from the Dominican Republic talks about growing up in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan.

What a Woman's Supposed to Look Like (1 min)
by Bay Area Video Coalition
A personal look at the stress surrounding body image and beauty standards.

For more information go to San Diego Latino Film Festival's website. or contact Larry Da Silveira, Educational Coordinator, at 619-230-1938 or at


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