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Teatro Campesino performer Salinas Valley, summer 1975

The Art of Storytelling Exhibit of Mimi Plumb’s “Pictures From the Field” Coming to a Close

Closing Reception of Mimi Plumb’s “Pictures from the Field”

 March 29th from 5:30 – 7:30 PM

with guest speakers:

 photographer Mimi Plumb and filmmaker Laurie Coyle (Adios Amor)

 The Art of Storytelling exhibits and receptions are always free and open to the public.

For The Art of Storytelling exhibit series 2017 ended on a particularly positive note. Our current exhibit, Mimi Plumb’s “Pictures from the Field”, made the front page of the East Bay Times and The New York Times California Today newsletter.

Plumb spoke candidly about her documentarian vision as a young college student nearly forty-three years ago to the East Bay Times saying, “Ultimately, my attraction to the farm workers was these were really people who believed they could change their lives. There was a certain innocence and passion in the people I was making pictures of. That was pretty exciting and hard to resist.” Her photos capture a pivotal moment in the United Farm Worker history, in the deepest parts of the real Salinas Valley, with a delicate intimacy that could only be achieved by a welcomed and trusted outsider.

We invite you to the closing reception on March 29th where we will be joined by Mimi Plumb and have a very special Q&A with the filmmaker of Adios Amor, Laurie Coyle.  Similar to Mimi’s photography series, the documentary film Adios Amor, uncovers forgotten photographs of an unsung heroine—Maria Moreno, a tenacious woman who sacrificed everything but her twelve kids to organize California’s migrant farm workers fifty years ago. Coyle’s documentary film interweaves the filmmaker’s quest to find Maria with a time-traveling journey through the attics and archives of California’s agricultural belt.

If you can’t make it to the closing reception on March 29th, please make a private appointment to see the exhibit by emailing nbalram@calhum.org.

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