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California Arts Council seeks your input for their strategic framework

Our Collective Vision:
2020 Strategic Framework

Community is at the center of all we do at the California Arts Council. And growing our community, giving voice to our community, learning from our community, and fostering belonging within our community are at the center of our newest planning project.


Telephone Think-Tanks: Register Now!

To lift up the voices of individuals and communities who have been historically marginalized, two telephone think tanks will be offered, one with an urban focus and one with a rural focus. Join a conversation to discuss ideas and potential recommendations for the future of the CAC. Please come prepared with your thoughts on how the CAC can best meet the needs of your region of California.

Telephone Think Tank: Rural Focus
Wed, May 29, 2019
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM PDT
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Telephone Think Tank: Urban Focus
Thu, May 30, 2019
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM PDT
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Spread the Word

It is our intent that as many new voices as possible are heard as a part of this process. Think about who you may know — particularly those we may not — and invite them to help us develop our new strategic framework. There’s a seat at the table for anyone with a rooted interest in the future of arts, culture, and community in our state.

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Your Voice Matters

To better serve California’s communities through culture, creativity, and the arts, it is important to have an up-to-date and relevant strategy to guide the work of the California Arts Council. A new strategic framework will serve as the CAC’s roadmap for the next five to seven years.

The efforts listed in this email are critical components of the research and analysis phase of our planning project, led by Nolfo Consulting, Inc. Thank you in advance for your participation. These efforts have been designed to maximize accessibility and participation by all communities. Please don’t hesitate to email cacplanning@arts.ca.gov with any questions about the process.


Stakeholder Survey

California, we want to hear from you! Where should your state arts agency’s priorities lie? What types of services should we provide? What suggestions do you have for a more accessible, inclusive, equitable approach to our work? Take this survey and help us develop our new strategic framework – available in both English and Spanish. Survey responses must be submitted by June 10, 2019.

Click here to complete the survey online or request a paper copy

¡Tu voz vale! Haga un clic aquí para ver esta encuesta en español

Vision Video Submissions

How would you like to see the arts uplifted in California? What is your vision for how California can be a leader when it comes to arts, culture, and creativity? Provide input to our vision and values development process in your own words by submitting a short video clip answering one or more of our guiding questions.

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