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Film Celebrates Murals of San Francisco Mission District

Thirty years ago, 34 artists painted 26 murals in the Mission District’s Balmy Alley, a ‘grandmother alley’ of the many mural alleys in San Francisco, to express their opposition to U.S. intervention in Central America and to celebrate Mission Culture and Identity. They called themselves the PLACA Collective (PLACA signifies “to leave a mark” among other meanings).

These Walls Speak tells stories of PLACA and the living histories of one of the most well-known mural alleys in the world.

The October 19th community celebration in Balmy Alley marks the 30-year anniversary of PLACA and commemorates many of the Mission District’s long-standing arts and cultural organizations and other community-based coalitions. The community celebration brings together diverse segments of the neighborhood to honor and remember an important part of local history. “We remember not for the sake of memory, but because history lives,” says Carla Wojczuk, Co-director with Julian Rowand of These Walls Speak.

The event will take place Sunday, October 19th, 2-9pm along Balmy Alley and features music; live mural painting and printmaking; dance performances; the dedication of “Culture Contains the Seed that Blossoms into the Flower of Liberation” mural restoration by Miranda Bergman and O’Brien Thiele; and a screening of These Walls Speaks’ short documentary film: PLACA.

These Walls Speak was supported by California Humanities through the Community Stories Program.

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