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Grantee Events: Voices Against Violence Workshop Series in San Bernardino and Riverside

Check out Voices Against Violence Workshops in April by California Humanities grantee

“Voices Against Violence” is a workshop and exhibition program (supported by California Humanities through a Humanities for All Quick Grant) that seeks to highlight the voices and personal experience of individuals who have been affected by violence in the community of San Bernardino County and two of its outlying cities, Redlands and Riverside. San Bernardino is still healing from the 2015 Dec. 2 terror attack, and the 2017 North Park Elementary School shooting. “Voices Against Violence” seeks to contextualize the impact of violence through a humanities framework by providing a program that supports reflection, conversation, and self-empowerment.

Movement Medicine: A Healing Circle

In this workshop, Micah Tasaka will be holding a healing circle where we will explore the space within and outside of our bodies through movement and poetry with the focus of reclaiming the body and the space around us. At each workshop, there will be a guest dancer who will show us some moves that we can incorporate into the later performance at the exhibit. We will spend some time grounding in the body before writing, sharing with each other, and discussing performance elements.  Open to the Public!

 April 7th        4pm-6pm                                                           April 14th     3pm – 6pm

Garcia Center for the Arts                                                      Pain Sugar Gallery

536 W. 11th Street, San Bernardino                                     3635 9th Street, Riverside


Art & Writing @ RCC

A visual arts workshop featuring artist presentations by artists June Edmonds and Dawnicia Wallace, and lead by Lisa Henry and hands on creation of art by participants. The workshop will focus on using visual expression to work on themes of violence, conflict and healing. As domestic inner violence and communal outer violence has become more publicized in the news and through social media, the visual arts offer paths and processes for healing. The creation of public art can also strengthen individuals and communities. Hands on creative techniques will be demonstrated and used to create visual and written works. A Facebook page will be created for participants and guest artists to continue dialog and post images of their works. All skill levels welcome. No previous art experience necessary.  Open to the public!

April 19th     3pm – 6pm

Riverside Community College

Bradshaw Bldg Conference Room  BE 104

4800 Magnolia Avenue


Recipes for Healing

Today, we are seeing violence take place on school campuses throughout the nation, and the Inland Empire is no exception to this. So, unfortunately, we have to take into account how to address violence before and after it arises in these institutions. Therefore, Allyson Jeffredo will conduct workshops at multiple school venues addressing the topic of healing by investigating our individual and communal healing processes. Depending on the venue, she will be holding between 2-3 workshops with a variety of participants, such as students (elementary, collegiate and university students) as well as their parents, in order to begin a healing-centered discussion to help us overcome the tragedies or possible tragedies that have been wrought upon our communities. This project will culminate into a large visual poem constructed by lines of poetry from the workshop participants to provide the beginning workings of healing for themselves while also providing help in the healing process of others. Open to the public!

April  11th & April 18th  9:30am – 10:30am                         April 25th     10am – 12pm

California State University, San Bernardino                       San Bernardino Valley College

University Hall 057                                                                   LA 202

​5500 University Parkway                                                        401 S Mt. Vernon









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