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Help Us Shape the Future of California

California Humanities is a nonprofit organization funded by foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individuals like you.

Each year, California Humanities’ programs reach more than five million people throughout our state and beyond. We tell untold stories and amplify unheard voices. By strengthening the rich fabric that keeps diverse Californians connected, we ignite conversations that shape the future of California.

Our Humanities for All grants recently supported efforts to humanize the homeless experience, explore the history of African American farmers, investigate the Chicano Civil Rights movement, dismantle archetypes through the lens of the arts, inspire families to read together, consider the criminalization of communities of color, and much more.

The California Documentary Project has a long history of providing essential grant funds to films that capture California in all of its complexity. Just a few projects we have recently supported include: Eureka!, an animated documentary and interactive graphic novel that traces key moments of colonial California; That’s How We Roll, an examination of mobile home parks as the last accessible housing frontier; and The Force, a behind-the-scenes look at the Oakland Police Department.

We are partnering with librarians to field test programs that engage immigrants in their communities through our Library Innovation Lab, while also expanding the popular Literature & Medicine initiative, which provides care givers with humanities-based content to increase empathy and promote patient-centered care in VA hospitals and beyond.

Through our work we celebrate the people of California. We honor the traditions and ideals that make California expansive and inclusive. We provide a platform for ingenuity, generosity, and affirmation of our shared humanity. We champion those who encourage speaking freely and listening carefully.

We strive to always illuminate what we have in common rather than what divides us.

If you agree that the humanities are not a luxury, but vital to a healthy and just society, please support our work with a 100% tax deductible contribution.


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