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Is Diversity Bad for Democracy? California Humanities/ Zocalo Event

Join us for a Zócalo/California Humanities Searching for Democracy event, happening TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2012, at 7:00 pm.

Americans often boast that we live in the world’s most diverse and democratic nation. We often talk about how these two characteristics are connected—how our diversity keeps the country open to new ideas and voices, thereby expanding our democratic horizons. Yet our diversity has always been as much a challenge as an opportunity. In the early 21st century, democratic compromise has become a lost art and civic conversation has broken down. What are the biggest fault lines in American society and politics today? How can a nation with so many interests reach consensus on big issues? As a divisive presidential race reaches the home stretch, The Almanac of American Politics co-editor Michael Barone, University of California Irvine sociologist Jennifer Lee, and City University of New York scholar Richard Alba examine America’s divisions, what they are, and what we can do to bridge them.

Don’t miss the conversation! Listen to the panelists, then chat over chilly (and free!) beverages.

Moderated by Joe Mathews, California Editor, Zócalo Public Square and Fellow, Center for Social Cohesion

Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts
3834 Main Street
Riverside, CA

CLICK HERE to learn more and to RSVP for this 9/25 event, which is part of our Searching for Democracy initiative and is produced in partnership with Zócalo Public Square. Reservation required.

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