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New Grant Portal: Three Things Grant Seekers Should Know

Thinking of applying for a grant from California Humanities in 2019? Don’t wait until the last minute! In 2018, we got a brand new grant portal. With that improvement, there are some important changes. Below, we’ve highlighted three things you need to know and do to set yourself up for success with your application.

  1. We upgraded to a new portal.

California Humanities’ grant portal has moved to SurveyMonkey Apply. Don’t let the name fool you, though. You won’t be taking any surveys (at least not until after you submit!). Survey Monkey, the company, acquired this popular grant application and management software. We’re now using it. You might hear us refer to it sometimes as “SMA.”

  1. You need to update your user account.

Unfortunately, no user accounts on the previous portal will work on the new portal. If you haven’t accessed the California Humanities Grant Portal since May 1, 2018, you’ll need to register as a new user on the current portal.

Even if you have used SurveyMonkey Apply with another funder, you must activate your account on the California Humanities Grant Portal. You can do this by resetting your password. You’ll then get an email from California Humanities with the email address noreply@smapply.io and use the links to continue. Be sure you are using the link to the California Humanities Grant Portal when attempting to login after resetting your password.

  1. Not all web browsers are created equal.

We’ve noted that there are some web browsers that work better for SurveyMonkey Apply. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not supported by this software. For best results, we recommend using Google Chrome.

Thanks for bearing with us as we make this change! For assistance with registration and other Grant Portal issues contact our Grants Manager, Debra White at dwhite@calhum.org or 415.391.1471 x 313

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