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Image from Documentary Film Regarding Susan Sontag

Regarding Susan Sontag Premieres on HBO!

Tune in for the HBO broadcast debut of Regarding Susan Sontag–the first feature-length documentary about the iconic writer, political activist, and critic–on December 8 at 6 pm.

This film by director Nancy Kates critically examines Susan Sontag’s life and work, addressing her public and often controversial roles as a writer and intellectual, and her less well-known personal history. Sontag was raised in Arizona and Los Angeles (at 15 she graduated from North Hollywood High School), and spent a brief, but formative, time attending UC Berkeley as an undergraduate.  The film makes its television debut amidst its film festival run (the film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2014).

Cal Humanities invites you to watch the film’s trailer and to take advantage of the film screening guide, which includes additional context about Sontag and questions to help spark post-screening discussions!

Regarding Susan Sontag was supported by California Humanities through the California Documentary Project.

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