Don’t forget to vote in the election on November 6! Need to register? Want to know more? We’ve got resources.


  • Approximately 30% of Californians who are eligible to vote aren’t registered. 
  • Voter registration forms can be found online HERE. Complete the form and mail it directly to the county elections office (address provided on the form)–or submit the form online.


  • The 2012 Living Voters Guide is an interesting way to learn more about issues on the ballot, share your thoughts, and hear other voters’ opinions. The site collects voter-generated information on state ballot measures and provides a venue for discourse and deliberation. This non-partisan project is supported by our friends at The Whitman Institute.
  • The League of Women Voters website has information on topics ranging from how the electoral college system works to finding your polling place.
  • Know of a great, non-partisan resource for voters? Tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter.


  • California’s voter registration deadline is Monday, October 22.
  • The General Election is on Tuesday, November 6. Make your voice heard!