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Grantee Highlight: Welga Filipino American Stories Archive of the Great Grape Strike of 1965

The Welga Project Digital Archive and Repository (a California Humanities-supported project) focuses on preserving and presenting primary sources regarding the Filipino American  activism, labor, and immigration history. The majority of the collection focuses on Filipino involvement in the Delano Grape Strikes and United Farm Worker history. 

Explore the archive here: http://welgadigitalarchive.omeka.net/


Welga! Filipino American Stories of the Great Grape Strike of 1965 (“welga” is the Tagalog term for “strike”) aims to bring Filipinos’ leadership and engagement in the strike to light through the acquisition and digital archiving of strike-related material as well as the collection of oral histories of strike participants and supporters. The materials gathered through this 15-month project will be housed on a publicly accessible website and physical archive which will be launched in September 2015, the strike’s 50th anniversary. Indeed, in collaboration with key community stakeholders in the city of Delano, California (where the strike took place), permanent QR (Quick Response) markers will be installed at appropriate sites. These QR codes will link directly to audio and visual material on the website. The groundbreaking for the QR codes as well as a documentary film that highlights both the Welga research process and the stories gathered through it will take place during Filipino-American History month (October 2015). Finally, a teacher’s resource guide (http://welgadigitalarchive.omeka.net/resources) will be produced to support the implementation of AB123, legislation recently signed into law by the state of California, which mandates the teaching of Filipinos’ contribution to the farm worker struggle.

The Welga Project is affiliated with the University of California, Davis Asian American Studies Department and functions completely in the cloud. For reference questions, please contact archivist Allan Jason Sarmiento at ajsarmiento@ucdavis.edu. Please note that reference inquiries will generally be answered after 5pm during the weekdays. 

Here are some the resources produced by the project:

For larger 53 MB version of this poster, visit http://welgadigitalarchive.omeka.net/posters-free-to-download






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