California on the Ballot: Season Two Highlights

Multiple hands in various colors hold papers. Behind them is an outline of the state of California.

The newest installment of our California on the Ballot series sought to explore persistent demographic gaps at the polls, as well as other imbalances in our state’s electoral processes. In the 2020 […]

Literature & Medicine®: Humanities at the Heart of Healthcare

Photo collage depicting selfies of healthcare professionals wearing masks and holding books they are reading

Above: 2023 Literature and Medicine participants. Credit: Carolyn Cusick.  Since 2010, California Humanities has presented Literature & Medicine, a humanities-focused professional development program for healthcare providers at Veteran’s Affairs Medical […]

Library Innovation Lab: Holiday Events Across California

Above Images courtesy of Library Innovation Lab participants. Libraries participating in the Library Innovation Lab across California are celebrating the holiday season with a wide variety of programs highlighting cherished holiday traditions of […]

Recap of 2022 Emerging Journalist Fellowship Projects

Above image: Emerging Journalist Fellowship program participants Since 2019, California Humanities Emerging Journalist Fellowship program has provided student journalists at California community colleges financial and professional support to develop new […]