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Dogtown Redemption

DOGTOWN REDEMPTION, a documentary film directed by Amir Soltani, follows the lives of three recyclers in West Oakland’s Dogtown neighborhood.

Miss Hayok Kay, a former punk rock drummer; Landon Goodwin, a former minister; and Jason Witt, a titan of recycling known for collecting and hauling heavier loads than almost anyone. For Miss Kay, Landon, and Jason, recycling is the primary and often only source of income. To other residents of the rapidly changing Dogtown neighborhood however recycling only adds to the dirt and noise of the community. DOGTOWN REDEMPTION takes an intimate look at the conditions of poverty and change as three recyclers try to make ends meet in one West Oakland community. DOGTOWN REDEMPTION premiered at the 2015 Mill Valley Film Festival.

For more information, please visit the film website: redemptiondoc.com.

DOGTOWN REDEMPTION was supported by California Humanities through the California Documentary Project.

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