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Grantee Feature– Mixteco Language Presentation and Dance Performance, Dec 1st

VENTURA– Mixteco: Tu’un Savi, the Language of the Rain, presented by Silvia Ventura Luna, M.A.

The Mixteco language, Tu’un Savi, is an oral language with numerous variants. Mixteco is an indigenous langauge predominantly from Oaxaca, Mexico. Yet, the language has a strong presence in Ventura County and throughout California. This presentation will briefly discuss the Mixtec history, culture and language. 

Special dance performance: Baile de Chiina and Baile de Piña!

Saturday, Dec 1 at 3:00 pm

EP Foster Library, Topping Room

650 E. Main Street

Ventura, CA 93001

This program is part of a project supported by California Humanities through a Library Innovation Lab grant. 

Library Innovation Lab Cohort Member: Ventura County Public Library (Central Coast)
Project Director: Yvonne Tello, Literacy & Outreach Assistant

Based at a small branch library in El Rio, an unincorporated community adjacent to the city of Oxnard, this project aims to engage some of the 20,000 Mixtecs now living in Ventura County, in order to promote their use of the library and the resources it offers, as well as to make others in the community more aware of the rich history and culture of this indigenous immigrant group. A series of family-friendly programs at the Albert A. Solis library in September and October will lead up to a festival at the end of month, which will include performances, food vendors, speakers and presenters, and children’s activities – focused on the traditions surrounding observance of Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead. Project partners include a local radio station, First Five, a Mixtec community organization, and CSU Channel Islands students and faculty, who will collaborate with the community to create a mural commemorating Mixtec culture in the library.

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