Former California Humanities Board Chair Nancy Takahashi Hatamiya displayed a passion and enthusiasm for public service, an abiding devotion to her community, and boundless energy that touched and inspired everyone around her.

Nancy, who passed away last year, dedicated her life to public service as a champion of children, civil rights, and education. In recognition of her extraordinary service to Cal Humanities, we have established a memorial fund to honor her inspiring legacy.

“Nancy was gracious, thoughtful, and smart–an incredible friend and colleague, and truly a luminary,” said Ralph Lewin, Cal Humanities President and CEO. “It is with great sadness that we mark her passing, and with profound love and respect that we honor her memory and the spirit of her life’s work.”

Making a gift is simple. Please visit or click on the button below. Please note in the comments section online that your gift is in memory of Nancy Hatamiya.

Nancy provided extraordinary leadership to ensure a greater future for our organization. The memorial fund honors her legacy and recognizes the contributions of others who share Nancy’s commitment to our vision of promoting ideas, connecting Californians, and ultimately creating A State of Open Mind.

Gifts and pledges received as of February 2013

Lon, George, and Jon Hatamiya
Claire Hatamiya
Joseph Takahashi

Kenneth Brown
Michelle Weiss and David Bunch
Jon Carroll
Yoga Chelliah
Elaine Chen
George M. and Regina L. Chu
Marleen de Groot
Kathryn Doi
Junmei Fan
Robert Feyer and Marsha Cohen
Mark L. Friedman and Marjorie Solomon Friedman
Peng Gao
Carla Green
Guocun Huang
Hung-Chung Huang
Mariko Izumo
Chryshanthi Joseph
Norman and Diana Kado
Ann Karperos
Kyungin Kim
Nobuya Koike
Shihoko Kojima
Chie Kondo
Izabela Kornblum
Neha Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Ralph Lewin
Yan Li
Jennifer Mohawk
Cornelius Moore
Joanie Murakami
Nancy P., Charles R. and Erik W. Ostrom
Lucia Pagani
Gavin Payne
Clark Rosensweig
Mary Anne Sayler
Robert C. Tse and Yumi L. Sera
Yongli Shan
Charlene Wear Simmons and Dan Simmons
Jeremy Stubblefield
Andrea Wooten
Shuzhang Yang
Seung-Hee Yoo
Ann Yoshinaga