Félicitations! to Community Stories Project Director Alberto López Pulido, who just received notice that his award-winning documentary, Everything Comes From The Streets: A Documentary on the Origins and History of Lowriding in San Diego, will be screened in April in Paris at the Ethnografilm festival. The film is one of only 19 to be shown at the festival, which aims “to promote the examination of cultures as well as social issues, describing ‘patterns of living’ throughout the world to educate and entertain,” The film was selected from over 400 projects submitted by an international jury made up of scholars and filmmakers. This recognition follows on the heels of other recent successes the project enjoyed last year, including acceptance and screening at the San Francisco Film Festival and a “best film” award from the Barrio Film Festival.

Alberto, who is Professor and Chair of the Ethnic Studies Department at the University of San Diego, directed the project, which employed oral history, archival research, and filmmaking to document the tradition of car customization in San Diego’s Chicano community through the stories of the men and women who participate in this vibrant cultural practice.

Bon voyage and bon chance, Alberto!

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