This California Humanities-supported project is a study of the lives and experiences of young African American men, who willingly put their lives on the line. This project sought to answer many questions. What in their make-up inspired them not only to answer the call to military duty but also, on many occasions, to perform beyond the standards established by their White counterparts? What internal and external factors allowed them to rise above the lowered expectations the nation and the military had for them? What was it like to fight overseas for freedoms they themselves did not enjoy at home? What personally did they lose or gain through their experiences as the first African American Marines? What did their collective experiences contribute to the advancement of the U.S. as a whole, and to African Americans in particular? How are their experiences of 70 years ago relevant today?

The Montford Point Marines of San Diego DVD screening will showcase the DVD  produced from the oral history interviews that  Project Ujima families completed with the three  original Montford Point Marines, and seven Montford Point Marines from later generations.  Project Ujima parents and students have captured the historical and contemporary significance of the Montford Point Marines to San Diego history and culture.  This free event takes place at the Educational Cultural Complex Theater, San Diego .

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