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A State of Open Mind

A State of Open Mind

What’s in a new name (and look)?
You may have noticed that we’ve changed a little.

Ok, a lot.

We have a brand new organizational name, a new look and logo, both new and re-named programs, and a new website with plenty of ways for you to experience the power of the humanities.



We believe the humanities connect us to each other and can help us towards a better California.

Formerly known as the California Council for the Humanities, we have changed our name to Cal Humanities to underscore our increased efforts to promote the humanities as relevant, meaningful ways to better understand the human condition.

We aim to be more accessible—reaching out to diverse audiences, inspiring curiosity, provoking courageous thinking, and facilitating meaningful connections. Our new website provides another avenue for Californians to engage with the humanities and each other. We hope that the results of our recent rebranding process—our new look and new language—reflect the passion we feel for all our new and ongoing work.



The open quote represents the start of every great idea, the beginning of open-minded thought and open-ended conversations, the question that invites discussion. It’s the figurative start to new and shifting perspectives. Ultimately, it’s our tool to create a state of open mind.

As an independent, non-profit state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities, we were originally founded in 1975 as a granting organization, but through the years we have created and implemented our own signature humanities programs and projects. Cal Humanities now plays a critical role across the state in producing, funding, and supporting cultural experiences in media, literature, discussion programs, and more.

Every day we ask ourselves: what does it take to create “a state of open mind?”

What do you think of the new us?

Check out our new site—our programs, the projects we support, and the various events and other opportunities to connect and converse. We want you to feel as excited by—and involved in—the work we are doing and supporting as we do. Tell us what you think. Email us at info@calhum.org.


Here’s to the beginning of a great conversation…

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