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"Part of resilience is finding joy, finding beauty, finding love."

— George Takei, Actor, Author, Director, Activist

"Part of resilience is finding joy, finding beauty, finding love."

— George Takei, Actor, Author, Director, Activist

Help Support the NEH

The Administration has recently released their FY 2019 budget request which again calls for the elimination of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), along with other cultural agencies, including the National Endowment for the Arts, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the Institute of Museums and Libraries. These agencies make up less than .02 percent of the proposed federal budget and yet have a major impact on the far corners of every state, including California. California Humanities is an active partner and collaborator with NEH.

Elimination of, or major budget cuts to these agencies will have a profound effect on public humanities programs that take place in local libraries, veterans’ organizations, schools, museums, and often through film, radio, and television. California Humanities is able to do our extensive work across the state because of the support provided by the NEH.

In June of 2017, the House Appropriations Committee approved a bill that would provide funding for the NEH and the NEA at a level of $145 million each for FY2018. The $145 million is a decrease from from the previous year, however it increases the Federal State Partnership line item (state humanities councils) by $2 million. 

It’s time to TAKE ACTION again by visiting, calling, or writing to your members of Congress and sharing how important the NEH and California Humanities are to of the people and economy of California. Take a few minutes to tell them why it’s imperative that the NEH continues to support programs that:

  • Stimulate local economies
  • Leverage $5 at the local level for every federal dollar re-granted
  • Deliver innovative programs on veterans’ issues
  • Promote K-12 education
  • Provide cultural opportunities to rural communities
  • California Humanities is a non-partisan nonprofit
  • California Humanities is funded by the NEH as well as foundation, corporate, and individual funders
  • California Humanities has never received state funding

California Humanities alone has awarded over $29 million in grants across the state since 1975 – grants that clearly show an investment in the lives of people of communities of all sizes, as indicated in a recent California Humanities op-ed piece. Support for the NEH is an investment in the nation’s future as we improve education, create deeper civic engagement, and connect to each to other through our shared experiences.


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