In the past two years, an organizational refresh, building upon our past work, has provided us with a new framework for strategic thinking to guide us forward. Last year we went on a statewide listening tour and talked with Californians in a variety of ways, and as a result of what we heard we developed a new strategic goal: Because the humanities are essential to a vibrant democracy, our five-year strategic focus on education, public engagement, and field-building will amplify our impact and make the humanities even more valued, more visible, and more deeply embedded in the lives of individuals and in our communities.

Through careful consideration of the input we received and looking at lessons learned over the years, we decided upon three major components to develop over the next five years:

  1. Engaged the next generations through humanities education;
  2. Respond more deeply to community needs through grantmaking and programs, and
  3. Incorporate field-building for greater collaboration and impact among those engaged in the humanities.

It is critical that the three components interact and intersect in various ways, and help inform and build upon each other. At the intersection of all three components lie communication, collaboration, and convening. As the only state-wide humanities organization in California, we are uniquely situated to both bring people and organizations together through the humanities, and help to shed light on why the humanities matter to all of us.

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