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Topic: Farmworkers & Farms


The Farmworker Movement in California from Chavez Onward


Hermanas Hermosas: Celebrating Stories of Farmworker Women
Pictures from the Field: Photographs from Mimi Plumb

Miriam Pawel on the Farmworker Movement


Delano Manongs: Members of the UFW
Cruz Reynoso - California Documentary Project
Cruz Reynoso, Sewing the Seeds of Justice

Pioneers of the Japanese American Floral Industry


Growing Divide: Marijuana Farming Boom in Rural CA
Pastures of Plenty: A History of California’s Farmworkers

California Foodways Podcast


Land & Freedom: Talking Food Systems
Shifting Perspectives on the Urban Edge

Reflections of a Drought


Run Dry
We are the Humanities - 1999 : LA River Re-Envisioned
LA River Re-Envisioned

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