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"Part of resilience is finding joy, finding beauty, finding love."

— George Takei, Actor, Author, Director, Activist

"Part of resilience is finding joy, finding beauty, finding love."

— George Takei, Actor, Author, Director, Activist

Arts Education Will Keep California Students in School and Prepare Them for Careers

May 14, 2018, 12 pm

Research shows that students who participate in visual and performing arts in school do better academically, socially, emotionally and, eventually, economically.

SB 933 would also better prepare our students for the 21st century workforce. Art can ignite the passion and instill the skills that students need for careers in California’s creative industries.

Ben Allen

We see it as a first grader proudly presents the collage depicting her family’s journey from El Salvador to America; or as a high school dancer channels the energy and frustration of the street, soaring through the air to express the world as he feels it; and as a middle school girl finds her own voice reciting the words of a pioneer in a class play.

Creative careers — computer games, music, publishing, film, fashion, advertising, architecture and performing — are powerful driving forces of California’s economy, accounting for one out of every ten jobs and contributing $273 billion to our state’s economy each year. These jobs require persistence, problem solving, collaboration and innovation — skills that will benefit students in any career they choose.

In schools where arts education is a core part of the experience, there are significant increases in student attendance, lower disciplinary rates, improved staff retention, increased parent participation, improved graduation rates, as well as more well-rounded children and adults.

Access to arts education instruction must not be determined by where a student happens to live. SB 933 honors California’s promise to ensure that the arts are part of the education that every student receives.

Ben Allen, a Santa Monica Democrat, represents the 26th state Senate district and is chairman of the Senate Education Committee and the legislature’s Joint Committee on the Arts. He can be contacted at


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