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California’s Veterans: War Comes Home Interviews

Launched in 2014, the War Comes Home initiative was launched to help veterans strengthen connections to their communities, and vice versa, and increase awareness and understanding of the impacts of war. Over $300,000 in grants was awarded and provided additional resources to 43 library jurisdictions throughout California, carrying out 856 activities, and reaching almost 2 million people as communities were brought together with veterans and their families, writers, and historians for their thoughtful reflection and lively discussion in the aftermath of more than 12 years of war.

As a part of the programming, California Humanities interviewed veterans, scholars, advocates, and caretakers about what it means to come home from war. Our goal was to create a series of interviews that reflects the diversity of experience and perspective of veterans of different eras, backgrounds, and conflicts and help to build bridges of understanding between those who have served and those who have not.

Click HERE and experience the humanities through these video interviews about a range of topics with veterans and those who work with veterans.

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