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L. Frank Manriquez, Artist, Writer, Activist

L. Frank Manriquez: We Are the Humanities

In honor of Native American History Month in November, learn about L. Frank Manriquez.  Manriquez is a Tongva/Ajachmem artist, writer and tribal activist. Her paintings have been featured in galleries and museums nationally and internationally. L. Frank is the co-founder of Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival and serves on the …

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Strengthening Education Through the Humanities

One of California Humanities’ three primary strategic components, developed as part of our strategic refresh in 2015/2016, is focused on deeper engagement with K-12 and higher education. This strategy ensures that California’s students have a whole child education, rich in the benefits of the humanities–history, philosophy, languages, and more— alongside …

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The Browns of California: The Family Dynasty That Transformed a State and Shaped a Nation, a new book by California Humanities partner, Miriam Pawel

Miriam Pawel

Miriam Pawel, a former grantee and current partner of California Humanities, was recently featured in the New York Times with an opinion piece about her new book, The Browns of California: The Family Dynasty That Transformed a State and Shaped a Nation. Her book outlines the history of the Brown family and the deep …

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