We are thrilled to announce that 20 new projects have been awarded funding through our Community Stories grants program. The slate includes projects focused on stories of refugee and immigrant communities (Japanese, Cambodian, Filipino, Afghani, Latino); Native Americans; veterans and their families; incarcerated people; sex workers; commercial fishermen; farmers and ranchers; surfers; youth and elders. Several projects explore particularly California concerns such as water use, food, criminal justice, and environmental protection. 

Chosen from 114 submissions, the projects comprise a broad range of community-focused stories to provide deeper insight into and a more nuanced understanding of the diversity of the California experience.

Community Stories (formerly known as the California Story Fund) is a competitive grant program of Cal Humanities that supports story-based projects that are informed by humanities perspectives, methods, and content; that reveal the realities of California and its cultures, peoples, and histories; and that will be of interest to local, statewide, and potentially even national and global audiences. It aims to provide community-based and academic institutions the means to capture genuine and compelling stories from and about California’s diverse communities, and to ensure that those stories can be shared widely.

For a complete listing of funded projects, please go here.