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THE INTERSECTION PODCAST just released their second season: SHORELINE + SPACE PARK

About the Intersection Podcast: The Bay Area is changing. The San Francisco skyline is filled with cranes. Dive bars and other beloved institutions continue to close. As we try to make sense of what’s happening, a simple narrative seems to have hardened into something resembling fact: Tech-fueled gentrification is destroying the progressive, multicultural, artistic soul of this city and region. While the latest tech boom may be part of the story of a changing Bay Area, it’s not the whole story. Not even close.

This series of audio documentaries—produced in conjunction with local public radio station KALW and with grants from California Humanities and San Francisco Arts Commission—explores the contours of change in the Bay Area and in city’s in general. One corner, one person and one story at a time.


THE INTERSECTION was supported by California Humanities through a California Documentary Project Grant.


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