Cal Humanities

"Part of resilience is finding joy, finding beauty, finding love."

— George Takei, Actor, Author, Director, Activist

"Part of resilience is finding joy, finding beauty, finding love."

— George Takei, Actor, Author, Director, Activist

We’re Growing and Need Your Help


It’s a word we use a lot in California, where the population almost tripled in the second part of the 20th century and we are in one of the longest economic expansions in our history.

It’s also a word we use a lot at California Humanities as we consider how we can best serve this dynamic and innovative state. We know we can’t stand still; it’s imperative that we continue to listen, learn, and implement new ways of bringing people together through the public humanities.

It helps that we received our first-ever funding from the State of California in 2019, a recognition of the importance of our work across every region. We’ll be able to increase our grantmaking in 2020 by 60%—and yet will still only be able to support 15 to 20% of all the grant applications submitted to California Humanities.

At California Humanities we strive to tell stories, connect communities, and create a more thoughtful, open, and just California. This past year we have continued to expand our programs and broadened our reach across the state.

In addition to supporting public humanities and media projects through grantmaking, we’ve furthered our collaborations with libraries and our immigrant communities, are continuing to expand a suite of new programs focusing on young people, and delved deeper into research on how we can provide the humanities to middle schoolers. We’ve even been a partner in an exchange between Oakland and Saint-Denis, France, helping to tell the stories of California on an international stage.

We have offered new public programs, furthered our partnerships with VA and other hospitals, and created new collaborations with community colleges focused on journalism and democracy.

The humanities spark conversations, promote understanding among people, and strengthen our shared democracy. Because these things matter, we invite you to support our work. Your contribution of any amount is needed, appreciated, and helps us keep the people of California connected through the humanities.