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Watch New Documentary FIRST ANGRY MAN

If you ever wondered how the great public ambitions of postwar America collapsed into the bitter parsimony of the permanent tax revolt, look no further than Howard Jarvis, the roguish populist whose 1978 ballot initiative, Proposition 13, changed everything in California and beyond.

Proposition 13 slashed taxes in California. But more importantly, it launched a nationwide tax revolt that continues unabated today. The 40 years since have witnessed historic growth in economic inequality and the unraveling of America’s safety net.

Now, THE FIRST ANGRY MAN, a new documentary by Jason Andrew Cohn and Camille Servan-Schreiber, unpacks the dramatic campaign, its quirky characters and the enduring consequences that continue to define our times.

Watch the film in the Bay Area this February:

SAN FRANCISCO–Screening of FIRST ANGRY MAN at Indiefest

Oakland–Screening of FIRST ANGRY MAN

For more about the film check out The First Angry Man website or keep up to date with their Facebook page.

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