The South Colton Oral History Project

The South Colton Oral History Project

In recognition of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Dr. Tom Rivera, Project Director of Community Stories Project, South Colton Oral History Project writes about rediscovering the lost history of the Chicano “neighborhood” he grew up in Colton, California.

“Patient No More” Project Director Interview

Patient No More is a multifaceted project that tells the story of a little-known chapter in California’s history: how a group of determined Bay Area activists took over and occupied a […]

Docks to Delta Project Director Interview

“…humanities projects encourage us to see the world in all of its rich complexity…” – Ildi Carisle-Cummins Docks to Delta Project was launched at the end of September 2015 with […]

The Montford Point Marines of San Diego Screening

This California Humanities-supported project is a study of the lives and experiences of young African American men, who willingly put their lives on the line. This project sought to answer […]