Film: Hyampom Oral History Project

Hyampom Oral History Project - Community Stories Grant

The Hyampom Oral History Project received a Community Stories grant to record the stories of several elders of diverse backgrounds in the Siskiyou County community of Hyampom.

Film: The Polk Gulch Oral History Project

The Polk Gulch Oral History Project

When a new wave of urban gentrifiers infiltrate a historically disenfranchised LGBT San Francisco community conflicts and tensions abound. Can they find a way to live together harmoniously or will war ensue? Since the late 1970s, San Francisco’s Polk Gulch neighborhood has been a national destination and home of some of the most underrepresented persons of […]

The Montford Point Marines of San Diego Screening

This California Humanities-supported project is a study of the lives and experiences of young African American men, who willingly put their lives on the line. This project sought to answer many questions. What in their make-up inspired them not only to answer the call to military duty but also, on many occasions, to perform beyond […]

“Patient No More” Project Director Interview

Patient No More is a multifaceted project that tells the story of a little-known chapter in California’s history: how a group of determined Bay Area activists took over and occupied a federal building in San Francisco for 26 days in 1977 to protest the lack of progress in securing civil rights for disabled people. This action, […]

Docks to Delta Project Director Interview

“…humanities projects encourage us to see the world in all of its rich complexity…” – Ildi Carisle-Cummins Docks to Delta Project was launched at the end of September 2015 with a live story-based performance during the two-hour train ride to Sacramento, and discussion sessions on the return trip to Oakland. These stories will be made […]

Big Sur Oral History Project Director Interview

Big Sur Oral History Project will capture and preserve an oral history of a unique community in one of the most remarkable landscapes in the world; the stretch of land comprising Big Sur. The Henry Miller Memorial Library (HMML) will collect, preserve and catalogue existing audio and film recordings (some currently on deteriorating media) in […]

Project Director Candacy Taylor Discusses the Negro Motorist Green Book

During the era of Jim Crow, many African Americans relied on this “Bible of Black Travel” to navigate safe passage and find sustenance and respite while on the road. This oral history project will identify and interview individuals who are connected to historic sites of refuge in Los Angeles – hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations, […]

The Women of El Toro, Project Director Interview

The Women of El Toro is a collaboration between Cal State Fullerton (CSUF), the Center for Oral Public History at CSUF, and the Orange County Great Park. This project will raise awareness of women’s roles in the military and enrich visitor’s appreciation of the history and landscape of the park, site of the former El Toro Marine […]

Young City at War: West Hollywood During the AIDS Epidemic, Project Director Interview

The humanities teach us to be more conscious of our personal humanity… — Project Director, Andy Sacher  Launched on World AIDS Awareness Day 12/01/2015, THE LAVENDER EFFECT’S Oral History Project features the dramatic and poignant story of West Hollywood’s response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in its early days. Through in-depth interviews an important chapter of […]

The South Colton Oral History Project

The South Colton Oral History Project

In recognition of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Dr. Tom Rivera, Project Director of Community Stories Project, South Colton Oral History Project writes about rediscovering the lost history of the Chicano “neighborhood” he grew up in Colton, California.