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A tree with colorful leaves filled with words.

Equity at the Heart of the Humanities in 2022

In January 2020, we publicly released our Equity Values Statement, part of the equity alignment effort we began two years earlier to ensure that we are intentional, informed, and fair in centering equity in all aspects of our work. While it’s unnecessary to recount here all that has happened in the world since the release, we know that divisions have deepened. Unity and understanding seem further away from reach than ever.  Civil society is chipped away daily.

In the shadow of these challenging times, we publicly reaffirm our commitment to keeping equity at the heart of the humanities, serving marginalized communities, and lifting the voices of people across California who aren’t often heard.

A tree with colorful leaves filled with words and the equity statement below it. Includes a link to pdf version of statement.
                                                                               California Humanities Equity Statement

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